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Color-Top Consecu-Tags

Color-Top Consecu-Tags

This exciting patented product combines consecutive numbering with the durability of genuine Versa-Tags key tags! Two self-protecting key tags with "chrome"-plated steel rings match one clear plastic-backed window stock sticker for the best new key system ever! Numbering really shows up on the white background, while the "Color-Top" and stock sticker border facilitate color-coding. Stock sticker number comes away from sticker with no adhesive residue - becomes salesperson's record or goes with paperwork.

Custom information can now be added to your Consecu-Tags!  You can show your dealer name, phone number, logos, QR codes, or other information at no additional cost.  Just let us know what you want.

Colors: Red, Orange, Blue, Green, and Yellow. Each stock sticker measures 3" x 6" and the folded size of the Versa-Tag is 1 1/4" x 3". Consecu-Tags are packed 125 per box.

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