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Stroke Domed Decals - 7.00 Sq. In. to 9.99 Sq. In.

Stroke Domed Decals - 7.00 Sq. In. to 9.99 Sq. In.

Stroke Domed Decals are Pre-spaced vinyl decals featuring a clear polyurethane coating creating a dome over the individually-cut lettering and precision-cut graphics made to your specifications.

Decals are ready to apply with all the unneeded vinyl expertly removed, including the "picks" within the lettering. You just peel off the backing to expose the permanent, pressure-sensitive adhesive and apply the decal to a clean, smooth surface. Then peel off the pre-masking material from the face of the decal.

Standard vinyl choices are  White, Clear, Bright Chrome, and Brushed Chrome.

One overprinted color is included on the vinyl prior to cutting to enhance decal appearance. Additional overprinted colors are available at additiional cost.   Click Here to view Standard Screen Print Colors - (opens new window)  White can not be used as an overprint color, and Fluorescent colors are not recommended since fading may occur. 

We never charge for artwork or setup. Tell us what you would like and we will work with you to develop an attention-getting decal. Please allow a minimum of 13 working days for production after acceptance of artwork by manufacturer.



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