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DecoClip Antenna Pennant Holder

DecoClip Antenna Pennant Holder

 No Antenna?  No Problem!

Standard antenna pennants and fringe simply slides over the DecoClip rods.  The DecoClip slides over the top of vehicle door glass.  The included 36" x 1/4" fiberglass rods fit into the DecoClips, and standard antenna pennants and antenna streamers just slide on.  Vehicles without antennas are no longer a problem.

Each kit comes with 12 36-inch rods and 12 DecoClips.  The clips easily attach to most vehicle windows.  The rods are easily removed for test drives.  DecoClip kits are not designed for moving vehicles or extreme wind conditions.

Priced per kit of 12 DecoClips with rods.

SKU Number: DW12
Sale Price: $36.10 Regular Price: $38.00