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ECONOMY 12" x 18" Standard Duty 4-mil Pennant Strings

ECONOMY 12" x 18" Standard Duty 4-mil Pennant Strings

Triangular Pennants are a 12 in wide by 18 in tall and are available in 30ft, 60ft, 105ft and 120ft ovrall lengths.   Overall lengths include a 5 ft. leader at each end for attachment.  Choose Multicolor (Red-Blue-Yellow-Green-Orange-Purple) or fourteen other color combinations. Pennants made of 4 GA virgin polyethylene, sewn on plastic-covered, high strength and sag-resistant. Brilliant colors and economical pricing make these pennants an excellent choice.

Available colors for custom color combinations are RED, WHITE, YELLOW, ORANGE, GREEN, BLACK, AND BLUE.  Please list the color(s) and the color sequence you would like when choosing custom pennants. 


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