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Heavy Duty Seat Covers - Slip-N-Grip Brand

Heavy Duty Seat Covers - Slip-N-Grip Brand

Aa great way to show customers that you care about their vehicle.  Protects vehicle while servicd and eliminates the need for costly cleanup.  One-size-fits-all design protects all bucket, bench and split bench seats on the market.  The top (outside) layer of the seat cover is smooth, so porters and services technicians can "slip" in and out of the vehicles easily, allowing them to work faster without the need for extra caution.

          *  2-Layer Construction

          *  Construction insures seat coveer stays in place

          *  Will not shift or bunch up like single layered seat covers

Premium Seat Cover is 1.0mil thickness on rolls of 200.

Size is 42" L x 32" W

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