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Heavy Stock Side Padded Dispatch Numbers

Heavy Stock Side Padded Dispatch Numbers

Printed with Green Numbers on one side, Red Numbers on the other! -- Consecutive Numbering. Stock: Heavy card stock. Two numbered, perforated, detachable tags at the bottom become the key tag and the customer's claim check. Colors: Green printing on front, Red on back, on heavy white stock. Size: 6 3/8" x 7 1/4" Numbering: Consecutive numbers - initial number must be multiple of 1,000. Lowest set available is 000-999. Highest set available is 9,000-9,999. Packaging: 1,000 per pack. 

Lightweight key rings are sold separately.  Please see key rings by following this link:



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Number Series 000 - 999 
Number Series 1000-1999 
Number Series 2000-2999 
Number Series 3000-3999 
Number Series 4000-4999 
Number Series 5000-5999 
Number Series 6000-6999 
Number Series 7000-7999 
Number Series 8000-8999 
Number Series 9000-9999