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Job Time Tickets - 12 Job Stickers - Form #JT-12-PSG - Product Image
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Job Time Tickets - 12 Job Stickers - Form #JT-12-PSG

Also known as Flag Sheets, Time Stubs or Flat Rate Stickers. These Job Time Tickets are a 3-part set with hard copy on bottom, pink center copy, and pressure sensitive gummed white top sheet with carbon paper interleaves. This Time Ticket has 12 job entry stickers. Carbon copies print in black. The form is hole punched at top for easy posting. Form size is 4 1/4in x 9 3/4in. Tickets are packaged 250 per pack with a minimum order of 2 packs (500 tickets).  Standard package is 1000 per box.
SKU Number: A131-500
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