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Job Time Tickets - 9 Job Stickers - Form #JT-VW-PSG

Job Time Tickets - 9 Job Stickers - Form #JT-VW-PSG

Also known as Flag Sheets, Time Stubs or Flat Rate Stickers. This time ticked is used mostly in import car dealerships. These Job Time Tickets are a 3-part set with hard copy on bottom, pink center copy, and pressure sensitive gummed white top sheet with carbon paper interleaves. This Time Ticket has 9 job entry stickers. Carbon copies print in blue. The form is hole punched at top for easy posting. Form size is 4 1/4in x 11 3/4in. Tickets are packaged 250 per pack with a minimum order of 2 packs (500 tickets) Standard package is 1000 per box.
SKU Number: A133-500
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