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Rotator Flag Bracket - 36 Inch

Rotator Flag Bracket - 36 Inch

Rotator brackets are designed for use with 3ft x 8ft flags listed above. Rotator Hardware allows upright support of drape flags plus 360 degree rotation in wind. Rotator hardware is 100% strong and durable metal for long life. 

Kits include:
1 - 12 foot steel pole in 3 sections
1 - Ground pole sleeve and "Out of Service" cover cap
4 - Self-Locking flag mount straps
1 - Rotator bracket with yaw stabilizer
1 - Spill ring acting as a shock absorber for heavy wind gusts

Flag not included. If ordering more than 10 Rotator Brackets, please call for discounted pricing.

SKU Number: ROT38
Sale Price: $99.28 Regular Price: $104.50