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Service Department HangTags PLUS

Service Department HangTags PLUS

Multiple Colors - Service Ticket - Consecutive Numbering. With this new and innovative system of service department control, each vehicle will be assigned a numbered hang-tag with corresponding numbered detachable tags for the customer and the car keys. After service is complete, the technician removes the SERVICE portion from the tag and attaches it to the paperwork, signaling service completion. There is no need for the hang tag to be turned over. This will allow you to keep your service department organized and running efficiently. The Service Department Hang Tag PLUS comes in multiple colors, including red, orange, blue,green, yellow and white. Each service writer can have their own color! Stock: Heavy card stock. Three numbered, perforated, detachable tags at the bottom become the key tag, the service tag, and the customer's claim check. Colors: Black printing on White, Green, Red, Blue, Orange and Yellow card stock. Size: 6 3/4" x 7" Packaging: 20 pads of 50 in a carton of 1,000 Service Department Hang Tags PLUS.

Lightweight key rings are sold separately.  Please see key rings by following this link:



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