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Vehicle Stock Numbers - Product Image
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Vehicle Stock Numbers

A convenient combination of 2 key tags and stock sticker. The stock sticker has pressure-sensitive tape for applying to the vehicle's windshield. Optional plastic sleeves for key tags are available to add durability. Vehicle Stock Numbers are packaged 1,000 per box, and have a choice of numbering from 0000 to 9999 or blank so you can use your own identification system. Tags are made of heavy white card stock. Number imprints are bright red and remaining text is black.  Size including key tag is 7 in x 2 in. In stock for quick shipment.

Key rings are NOT included, and may be orded separately.  You may follow this link to view and order them:




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Number Series 0000-0999  
Number Series 1000-1999  
Number Series 2000-2999  
Number Series 3000-3999  
Number Series 4000-4999  
Number Series 5000-5999  
Number Series 6000-6999  
Number Series 7000-7999  
Number Series 8000-8999  
Number Series 9000-9999  
No Numbering